The aim of Crowd-Sourcing Scoping Study is to investigate academic uses of crowd-sourcing in the humanities, and what motivates people to contribute to crowd-sourcing projects. Crowd-sourcing is defined here as mass participation in the
gathering, processing or interpretation of information in some directed manner. A major part of the Study is a survey of people who contribute their time, effort and knowledge to crowd-sourcing projects in the humanities disciplines.

If you are such a contributor, we would like to invite you to complete our survey, which can be accessed here. The survey consists of 20 multiple choice and free-text questions relating to your interests and background, the crowd-sourcing project or projects you contribute to (or have contributed to), the knowledge and experience you bring to the project or projects, and your motivations for doing so.

Completion of the survey is anonymous, unless you check the final box, which asks if you are willing to be contacted to be interviewed by a member of the project team. The interviews will be conducted between June and September 2012, either face to face or by telephone, at a pre-arranged time convenient for you. If you do check this box, you will be entered for a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher.

All information provided via the survey and interviews will be treated in confidence and not shared outside the project, in accordance with King’s College London’s policy on good practice on information security and research ethics. You will not be quoted, or have any information or opinions attributed to you, in any publication unless you have given your express permission.

Click here to begin the survey.

The Crowd-Sourcing Scoping Study is approved by King’s College London’s Research Ethics Committee. Detailed Information for Survey Participants may be found here.

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